Look Up Chords By Key

When you play a song in a key you are not familiar with this set of charts can save you time. It shows you the chords that are most common to that key all on the same page. That means you don't need to flip through a chord book every time you run across a chord you don't know. That saves lots of times and allows you to focus on learning the song.

Chord Organization

This set of charts organizes chords in rows depending on the how many notes are in the chord. Arranged in columns across the top are the names of chord functions.

Chords are known by their type and function. There a three basic types of chords, major, minor, and dominant. There are seven categories of chord functions. The simplest chord, called a triad, is made up of three notes. Additional notes can be added to a triad to produce sixth, seventh, and ninth chords.

At the bottom of each column is the chord type with its root, as applied to the whole column. Also shown are the notes of the chord’s basic triad. The exception is the dominant column where four notes of the dominant chords are shown.

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