Find Your Musical Happy-Place with these Chord Progression Maps

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If you are looking to create more harmonic movement in your composing and songwriting, you will enjoy having a map to get you there. Simply follow the arrows on the Chord Progression Map to find the sound you are looking for.

Explore New Ideas

The Chord Progression Map offers many harmonic paths for you to choose. Many of the chord progressions you hear in jazz and pop you'll discover on this map. But it does not stop there. There is plenty of opportunity for you to create your own expressive sounds. There are 15 maps covering all the major and minor keys. Looking for a progression in D sharp minor? No problem!

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This Chord Progression Map is available for free when you sign up for my Infoletter that I send out periodically with tips, hacks and inspirations that will help your guitar playing.

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And, of Course, There's More

You will also get two other handy publications when you sign up. One is an illustrated cheat sheet that shows you guitar and piano chords that belong to the same key on the same page. This saves you time looking up chords. The other publication shows ukulele chords grouped by key.


Any Suggestions?

If there is a music theory subject you would like me to explain using charts, diagrams and illustrations, please let me know. Fill out the "What's on your mind" form at the bottom of the page with your comment or suggestion. Thanks!

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