The Music Theory Calculator App
by Tom Michero

Music Theory App

This app applies music theory concepts to every key.

Like a calculator, it answers questions about chords, scales, modes, chord progressions and more.

Music Theory Illustrated for iPhone & iPad

This handy tool shows important music theory concepts applied to every key. With this app, musicians with even a limited knowledge of music theory can "calculate" answers to their music theory questions. More advanced musicians can use it as a tool for composing and arranging music. It works for all instruments and all skill levels.

See How Chords, Notes, Modes & Scales Relate

This app shows the notes, scales, modes, chords and chord progressions in every possible key. It covers ten must-know topics that musicians deal with when creating or improvising music. Even the best musicians can find uncommon chords and keys a challenge. This app simplifies all of that and guarantees better accuracy. It works for all instruments and all skill levels. You don't need to be able to read music to understand it.

This app shows:

  • How SCALES & MODES relaate to chords.


  • How the CIRCLE OF FIFTHS works

  • CHORD PROGRESSIONS in major and minor keys.


  • The INTERVAL distance from any two notes



Get The Most From Your Music Lessons

This app is designed to show you all the information presented by music teachers, schools, and online courses in a quick and simple format. Its conenience helps you to get the most from your music lessons, self-study programs, or college classes. You can get results faster when you add it to your learning program.


This App Makes "CENTS"

There are plenty of expensive books, DVDs, and online study courses that TELL you about music but nothing SHOWS the technical working of music in every key like this app. Dollar for dollar and note for note the Music Theory Illustrated App is the best tool for leveraging what you already know. It allows you to improve your playing, composing and improvising without spending a lot of money. It is also backed up by the Lotus Music website that offers plenty of free and helpful information.

"The Music Theory Illustrated App provides answers to
your music theory questions"
No music-reading skills required.

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Musical Scales Compared
Harmonized Major Scale
Circle of Fifths
Chord Progressions